Hawaiian shirt with Landsknecht . pattern

This beautiful Hawaiian Shirt is one of the most popular among the Landsknechts. The pattern is Landsknecht, which comes with the typical Landsknecht colors. The shirt comes with a black shirt pocket, a back pocket, and a Landsknecht logo on the left side.


The Landsknechts are a great place to start if you like vintage German military uniforms and you don't want to invest much money. The Landsknecht is one of the best selling patterns for menswear and its basic version comes in two different cuts – the standard and the slim.


The Landsknecht is a German style that has been adapted to the Hawaiian Shirt. The Landsknecht has been made famous by Hawaiian Shirts in the 70s. A very retro look.

1. Landknecht All Over Print Hawaiian Shirt

Landknecht All Over Print Hawaiian Shirt Product Photo 1
Landknecht All Over Print Hawaiian Shirt Product Photo 1

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If you are looking for a simple yet professional logo design, this graphic is perfect for you. The designer has used the Landsknecht. pattern to bring out the beautiful texture of the design. This is a perfect combination of old world and new school style. The designer has managed to create a clean, crisp design which is very eye-catching and stands out amongst the sea of similar logos.

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