Hawaiian shirt with King Louis XIV Of France motif

An American company made this shirt for King Louis XIV and the king was so pleased he awarded them the privilege to print the shirt for the French royal family.


“A new trend among the French royal court has been the return to traditional dress. A French courtier, Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Orléans, has started wearing a Hawaiian shirt to court. He has adopted this fashion because it is the color he feels he represents best — the yellow of the sun.”


So what if you have nothing interesting to say? You can still make money, impress people, and leave a lasting impression by wearing a Hawaiian shirt with a cool French motif!

1. Louis XIV Of France Hawaiian Shirt

Louis XIV Of France Hawaiian Shirt Product Photo 1
Louis XIV Of France Hawaiian Shirt Product Photo 1

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In conclusion, a classic piece of men’s clothing, the Hawaiian shirt is still going strong today, even though it was originally designed for the tropics. The tropical influence can still be seen in the casual elegance of this shirt, with a loose fit and a relaxed collar. Although this shirt has been worn by celebrities and royalty throughout the ages, it is more popularly associated with surfers and surfboard shapers. It is also sometimes referred to as a “Rasta shirt”, because it originated in the Caribbean and has become a symbol of solidarity among Rastafarians.

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