Woman Yelling at Cat Eating Lettuce MEME – Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is for those who were on Pinterest and read the headline. You’re now going to see this meme everywhere. And, we mean everywhere! It’s an internet sensation and everyone is talking about it. And, you can’t stop yourself from laughing.

In the midst of the holiday season, the average American has spent some 4,000 hours watching reruns of TV specials. Why not use that time to reflect on the joyous occasion that is the holiday season and not about your lack of preparedness?

Why did the cat eat the lettuce? The answer is simple: he was hungry. That’s the whole point. But what if the cat ate lettuce and then ate a toy mouse, or maybe even a big ball of yarn. We think he would be pretty angry and upset.

Woman Yelling at Cat Eating Lettuce MEME | Ugly Christmas Sweater

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