Hawaiian shirt with Kaiser Wilhelm II pattern

“I know it is the custom among some of you gentlemen not to wear shirts of this pattern, but I beg you to suspend that custom for a few hours.” It was the Kaiser who wore this shirt at the Royal Ascot race meeting in England in June 1913.


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Here's a fun new fashion trend to try out this year. These casual-cool Hawaiian shirts from the 1930s are popular again, and look great with any old jeans.

1. Kaiser Wilhelm II Hawaiian Shirts

Kaiser Wilhelm II Hawaiian Shirts Product Photo 1
Kaiser Wilhelm II Hawaiian Shirts Product Photo 1

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In conclusion, in all the articles I have read about the Hawaiian Shirt with the Kaiser pattern, I have not seen one person that actually owns one and is wearing it. You see the pictures of them in all the articles but it looks more like someone is trying to impress people with something. No one is telling us that they are wearing this shirt and that it fits them right. I’m pretty sure that this shirt was made and given to someone as a gift.

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