Hawaiian shirt with Holy Roman Emperor Hawaiian Shirt

We’ve all seen it at least once in our lives: people wearing a Hawaiian shirt, in a position of power, wearing some kind of military uniform, or otherwise dressed in a way that doesn’t really seem to fit.


In the old days, a great deal of emphasis was put on the number of letters that made up a person’s name. The number of letters or syllables in a name determined a person’s social rank, and only a nobleman could be called anything more than his first name. As time passed, a person’s last name became less important; in the early 20th century, some aristocratic families abandoned their old names completely and went by their first names only.


I'm sure you have seen the Hawaiian shirts in your life. They are usually made of 100% cotton and the color is often red, blue or orange. The reason they are called “Hawaiian” shirts is because they were worn by workers on the islands.

1. Holy Roman Emperor Hawaiian Shirt

Holy Roman Emperor Hawaiian Shirt Product Photo 1
Holy Roman Emperor Hawaiian Shirt Product Photo 1

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In conclusion, the company sold 1,000 shirts at $25 each—and got the orders via a combination of social media advertising and an email campaign. It was only after they launched their marketing effort that they received the orders. They could have sold the same number of shirts for half the price, but they sold 1,000 at the original price.

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